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Ava J Borrasso, P.A. was formed to further the principal goals of obtaining the successful and efficient resolution of business-related disputes for clients as counsel, co-counsel and local counsel.

Fundamentally, efficiency is achieved by applying partner-level problem-solving experience to the matters the firm handles. In addition, the firm seek to take advantage of resources readily available in the transforming legal industry – such as utilizing top-notch legal staffing firms to provide trained talent for electronic discovery review and litigation support under the firm's oversight at a fraction of the expense of maintaining a staff of associate lawyers.

By relying on staffing firms dedicated to providing these services, the firm has the benefit of access to the market's cutting-edge technological developments without having to invest in those resources. Those significant savings can then be passed on to clients. The advantages derived from the firm's use of modern technology also leverage the ability to provide high-level services at substantial savings.

Where appropriate, the firm has relationships that allow for the expansion of services across jurisdictions – domestically and internationally - on a case-by-case basis. Finally, the firm is committed to exploring alternative fee arrangements in proper circumstances to position the firm to provide counsel to a broader range of clients – including on a monthly retainer basis within agreed parameters. The firm also offers value-based billing including flat fees for phased representation and success fees tied to specifically identifiable results for suitable matters.


Role as Counsel | Co-Counsel | Local Counsel
The firm aims to provide services to clients directly, as co-counsel by partnering with other law firms where appropriate and as local counsel to assist law firms with representation of their clients when matters arise beyond their jurisdictional reach.


Role as Arbitrator
Ms. Borrasso acts as an independent arbitrator focused on commercial disputes. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in international arbitration (FCIArb) - the highest level of membership. She is on the panel of neutrals for the International Centre for Dispute Resolution, the American Arbitration Association commercial panel, and is registered with the International Chamber of Commerce. She serves as sole arbitrator and co-arbitrator in international and domestic arbitration proceedings.

Arbitrator Disclosure:

Parties should not rely on this website as a full and updated source of disclosure for Ava Borrasso. She does not maintain a current or complete list of retentions, publications, speaking engagements, associations or conference attendances. Ava Borrasso does not have access to the databases of her prior law firms. She does not maintain records of fellow participants, members, speakers, or contacts on social networks, such as LinkedIn or Twitter. Such contacts should not be considered material relationships likely to give reasonable or justifiable doubt as to an arbitrator’s independence or impartiality from a reasonable third person’s view with knowledge of the relevant facts and circumstances. Any counsel and/or party to an arbitration that Ava Borrasso is proposed as arbitrator is requested to promptly disclose any facts or circumstances considered by that party to raise any question as to her impartiality or independence as soon as that information is reasonably available upon knowledge of her prospective appointment.


Practice Areas
Ava J Borrasso, P.A.'s practice is focused on handling business-related domestic and international disputes backed by its founder's 25 years of experience, including:

Business Litigation & Commercial Disputes   Business
Torts, Breach
of Fiduciary
Duty, Fraud
  International Litigation & Arbitration
Real Property
& Construction Litigation
  Review and Appeals
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